Easter Chocolates

Seroogy’s chocolate Fudge Eggs, Bunnies and Lambs are Easter traditions in many families. Use them for baskets, table favors or gifts.

Chocolate Fudge Eggs Our solid Fudge Eggs are made with pure milk chocolate, Wisconsin creamery butter and creamy marshmallow. Each Egg is dipped in milk chocolate and topped with a sugar flower, then boxed.

Bunnies and Lambs Individually formed pure milk chocolate Bunnies and Lambs are packaged in clear wrappers.


Terms of Sale           

  • 50% profit (excluding sales tax and shipping fees, if required).
  • Selling price for the Fudge Eggs is $5.00 each - your organization earns $2.50 each with a 50% profit.
  • Fudge Egg net weight is 7 oz. each.
  • Selling price for the Bunnies and Lambs is $4.20 each - your organization earns $2.10 each with a 50% profit.
  • Bunny and Lamb net weight is 4 oz. each. 
  • Incentives for orders of 100 or more total Fudge Eggs, Bunnies and/or Lambs.
  • Order forms available on request at no additional charge.
  • No minimum.
  • No contract.

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