Seroogy’s Santa and Snowman are formed with pure milk chocolate.

Adorable Christmas figures are perfect for anyone’s stocking, table favors or small gifts. Our jolly Santa is detailed with a bag of toys and the friendly Snowman features a hat, mittens, scarf and cane.

Santas and Snowmen The solid milk chocolate Christmas figures are packaged in clear wrappers to show the details of each treat.

TERMS OF SALE           

  • 50% profit (excluding sales tax and shipping fees, if required). 
  • Selling price is $4.20 each - your organization earns $2.10 each with a 50% profit.
  • Net weight is 4 oz. per Santa or Snowman.
  • Incentives for orders of 100 or more total Santas and/or Snowmen.
  • Order forms available on request at no additional charge.
  • No minimum.
  • No contract.

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